Reviving the shearling

With the temperatures plunging to freezing here in London, this Shearling Boutique Toscana Slate Waterfall coat is exactly what I need to keep me warm and cozy.

I picked it up on BrandAlley and I absolutely adore the slate hue and luxuriously soft feel on the skin.


Toscana is a quality of sheepskin considered the absolute pinnacle of luxury. This breed produce long, fine filaments of wool, very similar to fur but on a super-soft hide. For this reason, the coat does not need to be lined since the fur lies against the body, the ultimate coziness.
The coat fastens with hidden hook and eyes, it features a beautiful large collar and the cuffs are gauntleted so they can be turned up as well.




Underneath, I opted for a splash of colour with this NW3 HOBBS Paisley Silk Dress in Teal/Peckock Blue. Made in gorgeous silk wool, the dress has a pussy bow necktie, chiffon sleeves and pleats at the waist.



I slipped on this Modern Vintage Jameson suede ankle bootie in a beautiful taupe colour to add composure and class to my ensemble. The rubber platform is accompanied by a 4 1/2 inch heel height that gives your legs a flattering lift you are looking for.




Ready to face the cold now!

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